How to Create a Welcoming Home

Many people consider their home to be their sanctuary or safe place. There are some homes that seem to be perfect. Everything is clean and the homes is in great shape. A home like this may look cold and unwelcoming. There are also comes that may be mismatched and looked lived but also look warm and comforting. There is a difference between a house and a home.


Here are some tips to help create a home


Vacuum up pet hair– The homes does not have to be perfect and pets can come up on the furniture. Pet hair can lead to allergens so be sure to vacuum it up on a daily basis.

Spend time-all the home to be filled with love and laughter. Have friends and family over often for some fun.


Burn Oils and Candles– aromas will stimulate the scenes and make the home a positive place. The home will have a nice scent to it as well.

Speak nicely– Word as well as actions will create energy in the home. Be sure that this energy is positive.


Be grateful– give the home thanks for protection from the elements and personal space. Remember there are some out there that are not lucky enough to have a place to call home.


Open the home and the heart– invite friends and family over for some fun. This will also fill the home with positive energy. Take in an abandoned animal, an exchange student, or even think about fostering an unfortunate child.


Let the music play– music is great for soothing the soul. Music gets people to sing along and put them in a good mood.

Let the home tell a story– second hand items often have a story to tell. Things do not always have to be second hand to have a history. Buy something that tells about the home and things that are interesting.


Remove clutter– clutter creates negative energy. Allow some space in the home for peace of mind.


Surround the home with beauty– some fresh flowers or even items that are made by hand can add beauty to the home. Shells and decorate wooden pieces can also help a person get in touch with nature.

Make some home cooked meals– this will allow a great scent to be in the air and make the home inviting. Before ordering out cook up something from scratch and the family will be thankful.